A little about My Emerald Nest...

I am not a guru, an authority or even an expert. I am simply me, Elizabeth. A plain old run of the mill mom trying her best to raise happy, healthy, God-fearing children. All while loving on my husband, feeding the animals, paying the bills and tackling the never-ending pile that magically appears on my hutch.

You will find: I don’t sugarcoat life, why waste time. I always try and look on the bright side, because brighter is better. I face challenges head on and am not afraid of failure, thank you Jesus. I am 100% human, yes I make mistakes.

Most importantly I strive to live an authentic life in Christ. And that my dear reader is what I want for you! So I hope within these pages you will find inspiration to: Live life fully right where you are. Cast out fear and doubt. Love each and every age and stage of your life. Build a stronger faith in God. Engage and encourage those around you. And offer forgiveness freely.​

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